The Coronavirus Dilemma: Should you postpone your wedding?

The Coronavirus has touched everyone everywhere, most especially my brides and grooms who are making the difficult decision whether to re-schedule their wedding day.  What should you do? May I suggest, as you consider your choices, try to make your decision as quickly as you can. As I write this in late March, if your wedding is just weeks away, obviously the decision is made for you.  Continue reading “The Coronavirus Dilemma: Should you postpone your wedding?”

Choosing a Wine for Your Wedding

Choosing a wine for your wedding can be an unnerving experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Eric Asimov, who writes the The Pour for The New York Times recently wrote a column reminding everyone of some basic advice: set aside worries about price or matching the wine to the food. The most important thing is to match the wine to the occasion. And since it’s your wedding, that means choosing a wine that matches you.  At a recent wedding here at Pratt, the couple chose a wonderful Brunello. It was a 2012, which was a great year. And we made sure to uncork it well in advance so it opened up beautifully. All perfect — but even more important: the bride’s family was from Tuscany. Serving a Brunello was a reminder of many joyous family occasions and now one more — her wedding.