Do You Need a Wedding Planner at Pratt?

In preparing for their wedding at Pratt Mansions, brides almost inevitably ask me whether they need a wedding planner.

Ultimately, this is a personal choice. And to help you make the right decision, let me explain a little more about what I do as the Events Coordinator here at Pratt Mansions.

Pratt Mansions is a unique, private wedding venue.  As you have probably already discovered, there are very few historical mansions left in New York City that are available for rent.  Couples that get married here are typically looking for something different and fall in love with the idea of a customized wedding in a private home.

Every couple comes to me with their own vision and I love to find a way to match their expectations and ideally exceed them.  As the events coordinator, I make sure that every selection is thoughtful and appropriate for the property as well as my clients.  Since I assume that most people are not experienced party planners, I can provide as much or as little support as you may need whether you are planning a small intimate wedding for 50 close family and friends or a larger affair (150 guests is our max.)

No wedding is ever the same, which keeps me on my toes, but there are some basic steps.

For all of the weddings here at Pratt, I provide you with a list of approved caterers.  These are all caterers who have worked here before. Since Pratt is an historical mansion, its essential that the caterer have experience working in this environment. But the caterers on our list are all different and I’m happy to guide you to the one that’s right for you.

I also provide suggestions for music, photography, and lighting. As you can imagine, I have worked with dozens of vendors in all of these areas. But while I require that you choose a caterer from my approved list, the other vendors are suggestions and I’m always eager to hear about possible new additions as well.

On the day of your wedding, I am present from morning to night, including the entire event.  That includes overseeing all deliveries — rentals, flowers, lights, liquor, you name it – as well as fielding calls from anxious guests concerned about parking.  The caterer will also have a point person present on the day of and we will work together on an event timeline for you.

I also organize a quick walk thru of the ceremony (before guests arrive) with the officiant, family, and attendants so that everyone knows their place in the processional.

So, back to the main question, do you need a planner when you have your wedding here at Pratt Mansions? I think a planner is invaluable if you are planning not just a wedding, but a weekend filled with events: hair and make-up appointments for your bridesmaids, extensive photo shoots and hotel and restaurant reservations. But if the main focus of your wedding is here at Pratt — on site photos, followed by the ceremony and reception – you’ll be comfortable with my guidance.

I have worked with brides who love the thought of organizing every detail and others who might want to do that, but simply don’t have the time to research and make these vital decisions. No matter what category you belong to, I am with you every step of the journey.

I want your day to be perfect and most important of all, I want you to feel right at home.